Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19th Annual Slow Food OC Persimmon Party

This year's Persimmon Party was held at Pitcher Park in Old Town Orange on November 17.  By around 1 p.m. all of the trees/tree-ettes and much of the fruit had sold out.  Alas, there were still lots of persimmon popsicles, a variety of baked goods, meatballs, persimmon hats, and jams and preserves.  I spied one older and distinguished looking couple literally eviscerating pounds of ripe Hachiyas . . . he standing in his baseball cap, she in her wheelchair, and the remains dropping all over their makeshift plastic bag floor tent/garbage receptacle.  I didn't have the heart to photo them, but what a sight!  I wanted to fist bump them.

I learned about a variety of Persimmon native to the United States -- the Virginiana.  They are soft and super small but absolutely delicious.  They taste like a cross between coffee cake and a chewy juicy date.

The Virginianas

One item that peaked my interest was the hang-drying persimmons.  I had read about the beloved Korean drink Sujeonggwa (Korean Persimmon Punch) on Emily Ho's Kitchn post and it is on my list of drinks to make, after I discipline myself to soldier through another attempt at Kombucha.  

Drying Hachiyas

More Goodies